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CDF Corporation ~bringing all the pieces together
CDF Corporation’s successful flexible packaging manufacturing


Our diverse technical and product capabilities make CDF Corporation the international leader in the production of liners for pails, drums and intermediate bulk containers. CDF Corporation’s successful flexible packaging operations rely on cutting edge machinery, materials and manufacturing expertise.


To a large extent, CDF Corporation is innovative not just in our affinity for invention, but also in our approach to business. Everything we do is about customer problem solving to help assure customer success. Our goal as the market leader is to anticipate the problem and be ready with a solution.

CDF Corporation innovation in liquid packaging designs
Packaging engineering to fit your needs Image


CDF Corporation’s engineering and sales teams collaborate with each customer to design new products or modify existing ones. Our involvement can range from liner selection to full system integration. We’ve been in business for over 40 years – with that level of experience we can offer a variety of package designs from a wide array of industries.


As an international company, CDF Corporation has ready access to the latest in design and emerging technologies. While our primary manufacturing base is in the United States, CDF Corporation also has a production facility in Europe for the EU and Eastern European markets. In addition, CDF Corporation’s global partners include Gualapack in Italy, a world leader in pre-made flexible packaging and filling systems and Hosokawa Yoko in Japan, a premier manufacturer of flexible packaging material, plastic products and Mindful Packaging systems.

From Europe, to the US, Italy, and Japan, CDF Corporation is your global flexible packaging partner

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