Making a Difference Every Day

Since 1971, CDF Corporation has been an industry leader in sustainable Mindful Packaging and environmental awareness.
We continue to lead this initiative in an effort to make all facets of our organization environmentally friendly, sustainable, and energy efficient.

Our goal is to eliminate unnecessary waste. As a company, it is our mission to reduce,
reuse, and recycle.

Energy Consumption

CDF worked with NSTAR on a company-wide initiative to install 100% high-efficiency lighting. This has resulted in a savings of 125 amps, or 10% of all energy consumption on a yearly basis.

We have put in place state-of-the-art, energy efficient, air compression systems in use throughout our manufacturing facility, resulting in significantly reduced HVAC usage.

CDF has invested in an energy transfer system to distribute heat from manufacturing throughout other parts of production facility.

We have invested with NSTAR on energy-efficient machinery that has lead us to produce better quality products and contributed to annual energy savings of 70% over previous equipment.

Investing in solar electricity is another step CDF is taking to become 100% sustainable. Initially CDF invested in 8,200 solar panels for the Cheer Pack manufacturing facility in West Bridgewater, Massachusetts. With that success, Independence Solar installed 2,500 solar panels at CDF’s headquarters in Plymouth, Massachusetts. The solar panels at CDF generate approximately 20% of the electricity used for manufacturing. On weekends and holidays, when CDF is not manufacturing product, the power goes out to the grid to be used by other companies in the Plymouth area. CDF’s effort to expand its solar power usage in Massachusetts demonstrates our commitment to sustainability.

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Recycling Commitment

Our Plant Green program recycles over 150,000 lbs of cardboard product annually.

Our Plant Green program recycles over 25,000 lbs of co-mingled material annually.

Our Plant Green program is currently recycling 98% of excess packaging received from suppliers.

Plastic Regrind Program

The Plastic Regrind Program is a longstanding initiative that has allowed us to recycle over 3 million lbs of internally generated plastic per year.

Future Endeavors

Continue successful sustainability efforts throughout workspace while creating innovative solutions to become 100% sustainable.

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