CDF’s ECO-SMART Solutions

Our Mindful Packaging products are environmentally friendly and fit for use, while saving our customers money. We stand strongly by our mission of creating the most efficient, reliable products without sacrificing quality. This page allows you to review our sustainable product development initiatives.

Source Reduction

Our products use significantly less plastic than alternative products.

The reduced plastic and superior design of our products result in more product per pallet and per truck. The end result is drastically reduced transport cost.

Our products ship flat or nested, which minimizes warehouse space and increases shipping density.

Calorific Value

In the event the lading prevents cost effective recycling, all of our products have a strong calorific value and can be converted into high output energy in waste-to-energy facilities.

Filling/Dispensing Capabilities

The design of our products results in improved filling and dispensing capabilities. Many of our products can be filled in closed environments, preventing the exposure of potentially toxic fumes and chemicals. When emptying, there is far less residue left in the package compared to most competitive products, resulting in highly reduced general product waste.


We have worked with biodegradable materials in the past and are willing to work with them at the customer’s request.

Vacuum Formed Semi-Rigid Semi-Flexible Liners

In 1971, CDF introduced a vacuum formed, semi-rigid semi-flexible liner. This 55 gallon steel drum insert allowed, for the first time, certain drums to be reused and eliminated costly cleaning and landfill requirements.

Timeline (Introduced in)
– 1971: 55 Gallon Accordion Liner
– 1975: 30 Gallon Accordion Liner
– 1979: 5 Gallon Pail Insert
– 1980: 12 Gallon Pail Insert
– 1991: 5 Gallon Special Lip Pail Insert
– 1992: 2.5 Gallon Pail Insert
– 1992: 3.5 Gallon Pail Insert
– 1992: 16 Gallon Accordion Drum Liner
– 1993: 6 Gallon Pail Insert
– 1995: 30 Gallon Straight-Sided Liner
– 1998: 2 Gallon Plastic Pail Liner
– 1998: 3.5 Gallon Plastic Pail Liner
– 2001: 55 Gallon Polypropylene Liner
– 2001: Tapered 55 Gallon Plastic Drum Liner
– 2008: Conductive 5 Gallon Pail Liner

Flexible Round Bottom Liners

In 1986, CDF introduced sophisticated German technology to manufacture lighter weight round bottom liners in North America. Flexible round bottom liners allowed drums to be easily reused and eliminated costly cleaning and landfill requirements. In addition, CDF introduced barrier films for oxygen, moisture and hot filling applications. Once again, this allowed the rigid outer container to be easily reused or recycled.

Timeline (Introduced in)

– 1986: 5 Gallon LinerPro Round Bottom Liner
– 1986: 12, 16, 30 and 55 Gallon LinerPro Round Bottom Liner
– 1990: Chemliner
– 1993: Foil Laminate Liner
– 1995: Hotfill Liner

Blow Molded Semi-Rigid Semi-Flexible Liners

In 1996, CDF introduced blow molding technology where traditional products could not be used – in steel drums for UN applications and fiber drums to improve opening and closing abilities. With this new technology, CDF could control the thickness of the lip more precisely.

Timeline (Introduced in)
– 1996: Thin-lipped Blow Molded Liner
– 1998: UltraLiner Blow Molded Series Introduced
– 2008: Conductive Drum Liner

Intermediate Bulk Container Liners

CDF’s Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC) liners were introduced in 1996 to meet the demands of the fast growing flexible packaging market. With the use of our IBC liners, CDF’s customers are able to reduce transportation costs of rigid containers while improving the environmental impact of cleaning these products. The form-fit innovative design allows the customer to fill the container with greater ease and get maximum evacuation out of the container.

Timeline (Introduced in)
– 1996: IBC Pillow Liner
– 2002: IBC Form-fit Liner
– 2003: 55 Gallon Pillow Liners w/Fitments
– 2005: IBC High-Barier Foil Liner
– 2007: IBC Air-Assist Liner
– 2007: Dunnage-free Aseptic Liner
– 2009: IBC Bottle Liner

Vacuum Formed Flexible Cups

Introduced in 2005, our vacuum formed flexible liners, used primarily for auto body paint application, eliminated the need for rigid container systems. Its lightweight, seamless, fully collapsible design is 100% leak proof and is an industry first in flexible packaging.

Timeline (Introduced in)
– 2005: DPC Cup introduced
– 2008: 3 oz cup released in compliance with EPA’s environmental regulation standards


The Cheertainer’s flexible packaging gives the end-user the best of both worlds: the flexibility of a bag-in-box, as well as many of the benefits of a rigid container. Its unique design provides an eco-smart choice for the customer without sacrificing the quality and reliability demanded throughout the marketplace – reduced plastic consumption minimizes packaging requirements while maximizing transportation and storage efficiency. Its form-fit, square design allows for seamless filling and full dispensing of the product. Cheertainers are used across multiple industries, from chemical to cosmetic, food & beverage to medical.

Timeline (Introduced in)
– 2006: Cheertainer Bag-in-Box System Introduced
– 2016: UN Certified Bag-in-Box Package Introduced


Cheer Pack is a flexible spouted pouch featuring a convenient, easy-flow straw and a reclosable, large tamper-evident, screw-on cap. This unique pouch format is ideal for packaging squeezable liquids, gels, pastes and purees. Cheer Pack is available in a variety of sizes, styles and film choices.

Cheer Pack North America supplies a complete packaging solution, including package design and conversion, filling equipment options and technical support.

Timeline (Introduced in)
– 2007: Cheer Pack Pouches Introduced

Smart Pail

The Smart Pail was developed to offer a more sustainable and cost effective system for transporting semi-viscous, solids and some liquids traditionally shipped in plastic pails. The Smart Pail is a semi-rigid, flexible vacuum-formed plastic liner with a unique wide-mouth laminated peel-reseal lidding film structure offering tamper evidence, easy open-close, excellent oxygen barrier and efficient disposal. The Smart Pail is inserted into a specifically designed corrugated box and stacked 48 units per 40” x 48” pallet for transportation.

Timeline (Introduced in)
– 2009: Smart Pail Introduced
– 2015: Smart Pail with Peel Reseal Introduced

EZ-Flo Dispensing System

The EZ-Flo Dispensing System is an environment-friendly dispensing alternative to traditional squeeze, pump and spray bottles. The EZ-Flo’s innovative dispensing system uses patent pending technology to dispense products of various viscosities without the assistance of gravity. The system is cost effective, reducing waste, time and labor, while improving overall productivity.

Timeline (Introduced in)
– 2010: EZ-Flo Introduced Development

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