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plastic drum accessories

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Mindful Solutions

Inspiring Global Change

At CDF, we value the package just as much as what goes inside. Our mindful approach rethinks how waste across the entire supply chain impacts the environment and your ability to be successful in the waste reduction paradigm of the future.

Plastic Drum Accessories

Intentional Design

With our expertise in deep-draw thermoforming and heat sealing, you can feel confident that your products will be protected from fill through end-use while at the same time maximizing the reuse of the container, improving plant efficiencies, and supporting sustainability initiatives.

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Demonstrated Sustainability

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Drum & Pail


Liners for Pails & Plastic Drum Accessories

Our line of drum and pail semi-rigid liners ensures your product’s purity and lowers supply chain costs by enhancing operational, storage, handling & transportation efficiencies.

Plastic Drum Accessories
Drum & pail accessories
Innovative packaging option
CDF Drum & pail accessories
CDF packaging option

Plastic Drum Accessories & Complimentary Products

Our complimentary products for our drum and pail line offer innovative packaging solutions for plastic and steel drums and pail, created to enhance the overall customer experience by providing processing solutions and innovative packaging options.

Find Your Solution

If you have a specialized need that requires a Mindful Solution, contact us to speak with one of our packaging experts.