Cheertainer® Bag-In-Box Solutions

Bag in box packaging

Preserving & Protecting

We’ve revolutionized bag in box packaging with our Cheertainer form-fit design. Our unique design extends product shelf-life, maximizes product evacuation, and preserves the product inside. Our line of Cheertainer bag-in-box packaging offers cost savings while maximizing efficiencies throughout the supply chain. 

Sustainability Impact

As consumers and organizations expand their commitment to sustainable practices, the demand for eco-friendly packaging rises. We’ve designed our bag-in-box packaging to evacuate more product than rigid containers, reducing the amount of residual product left in the packaging and reducing resources required to vacate the residual. Cheertainer Bag-in-Box replaces many rigid packages while using significantly less plastic, and costs notably less than a similar capacity rigid container.

Cheertainer Bag-in-Box  - eco-friendly packaging
Cheertainer Bag-in-Box  - costs notably less
Cheertainer Bag-in-Box  - less plastic
Cheertainer and pillow style bags

Shapes and Sizes

We design and manufacture a wide range of Cheertainer and pillow style bags. Our bags range in size from 1L (0.26 gallons) to 25L (6.6 gallons) and offer various film options and dispensing fitments. Putting our design and manufacturing expertise into practice, we work closely with customers creating customizable solutions.

CDF offers engineering support to integrate the bag-in-box solution into your production, including filling options.

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Demonstrated Effectiveness

Cheertainer® &
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UN Certified
Cheertainer® Package


Cheertainer® versus
Semi-Rigid Container


UN Certification 

Always looking through the lens of innovation, we have created the first 20L bag-in-box package to pass level two & three UN Certification. UN certified bag-in-box packaging provides options for various industries when transporting goods requiring certification that meets United Nations (UN) standards. Items to be transported can range from food, beverage, cosmetic, and chemical, as outlined in the UN certification standards as dangerous goods.

UN certified bag-in-box
Certification that meets United Nations (UN) standards
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Mindful Packaging
We collaborate with your team to ensure the right bag design and fitments for a great user experience.

Planning & Strategy
Together, we calculate the total cost of ownership. Representing the bigger picture and the value of the solution over time. 

Customer Service & Support
We have a dedicated customer service team to assist customers in making cost-effective and correct product use. 

Filling Equipment & Piloting
We take the fear and guesswork out by providing pilot equipment for product validation and customer trials.

State-of-the-art equipment
CDF1 Smart Seal Technology
Optimizes precision
Optimizes precision and consistency

CDF1 Smart Seal Technology™

Using state-of-the-art equipment and quality control standards of the highest caliber, CDF1 Smart Seal Technology ensures the ultimate reliability of Cheertainer & BIB liners. Proprietary CDF1 Smart Seal Technology optimizes precision and consistency by monitoring every seal’s temperature, time, and pressure on every liner.

Find Your Solution

If you have a specialized need that requires a Mindful Solution, contact us to speak with one of our packaging experts.