Plastic Drum & Pail Accessories

Plastic Drum Accessories

Complimentary Products for

Drums & Pails

Our complimentary products for the Drum & Pail line offer innovative packaging solutions for plastic and steel pails and drums. Created to enhance the overall customer experience by providing processing solutions and innovative packaging options. Our innovative line of complementary parts includes EZ-Strainers™, Dust Caps, Cover Sheets, Lids, PailSaver™ trays and cradles.

EZ-Strainer™ Inserts 

EZ-Strainer inserts lie on top of any pail or open-head steel drum, allowing valuable material to be poured through easily, while removing unwanted particles. EZ-Strainer inserts are ideal for removing debris from paints, coatings, silicone, ink and any other liquid product that needs to be particle free.


  • Patented lip ensures the strainer always stays in place
  • Can be used with or without a liner inside the drum or pail
  • Great tool for cleaning parts over a drum by placing the parts in the insert and capturing the cleaning solution in the drum below
  • Molded from high-density, high molecular weight polyethylene with a center screen that is available in 100 ultra-fine nylon or 200, 400, and 600 multi-element mesh
Plastic Drum Accessories
Plastic Drum Accessories

PailSaver™ Trays & Cradles

PailSaver trays and cradles offer innovative packaging solutions for steel pails. PailSaver trays and cradles keep two-part packages separate until combined by the end-user. 


  • Designed to fit any 5-gallon steel pail
  • Allows two-part products like paint, epoxies, and adhesives to be contained and shipped in a single package
  • Reduces inventory cost, freight, and handling

Lids for Drums & Pails

Drum & Pail exterior lids protect the outside of steel drum and pail covers from external contamination and moisture. Heavy-duty models withstand even the most aggressive palleting and similar impact. Interior lids protect the inside of steel drum lids from contact with contents in the drum.


  • Designed to withstand palletizing and outside storage (drums only)
  • Keeps drum covers dry to reduce rust formation
  • Clear and gray drum lids include a UV screen to prevent solarization
  • Clear lids allow cover labels to be read easily
Plastic Drum Accessories
Plastic Drum Accessories

Dust Caps & Cover Sheets

Dust caps and cover sheets shield materials from dirt, dust, moisture, insects, and other contaminants during and in-between production – Ideal for protecting electronics, chemicals, inks, paints, pharmaceuticals, and food. 


  • Provides easy slip-on/slip-off inspection of container contents
  • Protects a container’s valuable contents
  • Contains evaporants and airborne particulates
  • Available in a variety of materials and sizes to meet application requirements

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