WINLINER drum and pail liners have a circular disc on the bottom, providing the perfect fit for optimal performance. WINLINER liners are ideal for wet or dry products, and certain viscous liquids and pastes. These liners are designed for easy installation and can be simply twisted and tied off to protect contents.

WINLINER® Flat Seal Bags are an economic alternative to round-bottom film liners.

Typical WINLINER Pail & Drum Liner Markets

  • Chemical (adhesives, chemicals, coatings, detergents, inks, paints, sealants)
  • Cosmetic (cleanser, liquid makeup, lotion, mascara, powder)
  • Food (caramel, chocolate, fruit, dairy)
  • Pharmaceutical


  • These liners are a perfect fit in the bottom of pails and drums.
  • WINLINER pail and drum liners eliminate folds and minimize wrinkling that can trap contents.
  • There are no air pockets that contribute to fatigue and failure.
  • The patented process assures uniformity and strength of seam seal.
  • Higher density construction options are available.
  • Anti-Static, Static Dissipative, and Conductive liners are also available.


The WINLINER pail and drum liners are available in 5, 16, 30 and 55 gallon sizes.


Low-density polyethylene is intended for general use and provides superb tensile strength and elongation, as well as high resistance to tears and flex cracking. Low-density polyethylene is designed for applications up to 175°F.

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