PAYLINER is a disposable pail liner for in-plant and product shipment applications. PAYLINER pail liners replace corrugated boxes lined with poly bags to effectively reduce employee injuries, filling line down time, product loss and quality complaints.

Typical PAYLINER Pail Liner Markets

  • Chemical (adhesives, automotive greases, chemicals, coatings, detergents, inks, lubricants, paints, sealants)
  • Cosmetic (cream, lipstick, liquid makeup, lotion, mascara)
  • Food & Beverage (fats, flavorings, oils, spices, dairy)
  • Pharmaceutical


  • Pail liners fit the contour of pails.
  • Uses 1/10th the material found in open head pails.
  • PAYLINER pail liners can be used with steel or metal pails.
  • Liners keep pails in service.
  • No need for costly interior pail coatings.
  • Pail liners reduce down-time on filling lines and presses.
  • The patented process assures uniformity and strength.
  • Pail liners ensure the absolute purity of your product.
  • Steel pail liners provide protection against pail corrosion.
  • Environment-friendly packaging, helps users to reach sustainability goals.
  • Pail liners dramatically reduce the time and expense of cleaning and /or replacing pails.
  • Anti-Static, Static Dissipative and Conductive liners are also available.


The PAYLINER pail liners are available in 2, 3.5, 5 and 6 gallon sizes.

Multiple Film Choices

  • Low-density polyethylene is intended for general use and provides superb tensile strength and elongation, as well as high resistance to tears and flex cracking. Low-density polyethylene is designed for applications up to 175°F.
  • High-density polyethylene creates rigid, durable inserts that are robust for a wide range of applications and have superior solvent resistance.

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