Hedliner Steel & Fiber Drum Liners 

HEDLINER drum liners are designed for steel and fiber drums. The HEDLINER drum liner is a semi-rigid insert with straight sidewalls engineered for durability and performance, available in a range of thicknesses.

Typical HEDLINER Drum Liner Markets

  • Chemical (adhesives, automotive greases, chemicals, coatings, detergents, inks, lubricants, paints, sealants)
  • Cosmetic (cleanser, liquid makeup, lotion, mascara, nail polish)
  • Food & Beverage (fats, flavorings, oils, spices, dairy)


  • HEDLINER drum liners can be used with steel or fiber drums.
  • The seamless, sturdy construction provides safe, reliable transport and storage.
  • There are optional pleats to accommodate variation in height found on reconditioned drums.
  • The Heavy Bottom drum liners engineered for in-plant mixing operations.
  • HEDLINER drum liners have a strong, stable grip.
  • No burdensome and slow Venturi pumps are required.
  • No “venting” required as with inferior liners – no jagged, imprecise holes pierced into the top section.
  • HEDLINER drum liners offer better performance where follower plates are used.
  • Steel drum liners ensure the absolute purity of your product.
  • Drum liners provide protection against drum corrosion.
  • Steel drum liners reduce drum cleaning and reconditioning costs
  • Environment-friendly packaging, helps users to reach sustainability goals.
  • Anti-Static, Static Dissipative and Conductive liners are also available.

Available in Two Designs

  • Straight-sided liners fit smoothly into new drums and are perfect for UN approved drums for shipment of hazardous materials.
  • Heavy bottom liners are designed for in-plant mixing operations (stays out of the way of high-speed mixing blades). Heavy bottom liners are also highly resistant to puncture and are more durable during handling


The HEDLINER drum liners are available in 30 and 55 gallon sizes.

Multiple Film Choices

  • Low-density polyethylene is intended for general use and provides superb tensile strength and elongation, as well as high resistance to tears and flex cracking. Low-density polyethylene is designed for applications up to 175°F.
  • Linear low density polyethylene displays better tear and impact film properties than LDPE.

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