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Prior to use, the user shall independently determine the suitability of the products for the user’s intended use and user assumes all risk and liability whatsoever in connection therewith. CDF products are intended for single use application. Any reuse of the liner and/or fitment voids the warranty.


Anti-stat products reduce static build-up by dissipating static charges away from potentially flammable product. Nearly any polyethylene product can be made using materials containing an anti-static agent that aids in the reduction of static build-up.


  • Anti-stat eliminates dry chemical static cling, especially in containers that must remain covered.
  • Anti-stat liners ensure the purity of your product.
  • Can meet the requirements of higher standards when more agent is added.
  • Anti-stat liners provide protection against drum and pail corrosion.
  • Anti-stat liners ensure the sustainable reuse of your drum and pail, keeping containers out of the waste system.
  • Anti-stat liners reduce drum and pail cleaning and reconditioning costs.

Higher Standards

CDF’s anti-stat products meet stringent performance ratings. You may select from MIL-SPEC or NFPA standards:

MIL-B-81705C standards require static decay and surface resistivity testing as follows: first the material must be conditioned for 24 hours at 12% +/- 3% relative humidity. The material must meet the 2.0 seconds or less static decay time at 12 +/- 3% relative humidity at a temperature of 73°F +/- 5°F and a surface resistivity of 1012 or less according to ASTM D257. This requirement represents CDF’s highest anti-stat quality.

NFPA-99 (National Fire Protection Association) standards require the material to be conditioned for 24 hours at 50% +/- 2% relative humidity prior to testing and then must meet the static decay time of 0.50 seconds or less at 50% +/- 2% relative humidity at a temperature of 23+/- 1°C./p>

CDF also offers Conductive liners. Conductive liners are manufactured from carbon-loaded polyethylene and offer a volume resistivity of less than 300 ohm/cm. Conductive liners meet MIL-P-82646A, MIL-P-82647 and NFPA-56A specifications. Conductive liners are available in 5, 12, 16, 30 and 55 gallon sizes.

Multiple Sizes

Nearly any polyethylene insert, liner, dust cap or cover sheet can be made using materials containing an anti-static agent.

Custom Designs

CDF will always consider custom designs.