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Pillow Shaped Liners for Intermediate Bulk Containers

When filled, these industrial IBC tote liners form the shape of a pillow. CDF’s Pillow shaped liners are manufactured with two or three plies of linear low-density polyethylene and a barrier film for aseptic and oxygen-barrier applications. Incorporating the use of a pillow-shaped liner ensures the absolute purity of your product. We designed our pillow shape liner for a variety of products and a wide range of applications. CDF has a Pillow liner for your process, whether you bottom-fill, top-fill with a bridge, automatic fillers, or high-speed fillers.


CDF Pillow Liner Bottom Fill

May 14, 2019


CDF Cutter Membrane with a Pillow & Form Fit Liner

May 14, 2019


CDF Pillow Top Fill

May 14, 2019


CDF Corporation’s Flexible Packaging Group

Oct 30, 2018

Cheertainer® & Pillow Bag-in-Box Solution

The Best Option for Flexible Bag-in-Box Packaging? It’s in the Bag. Bag-in-box is the ideal packaging solution for chemical, food, beverage, and cosmetic applications ranging in size from 1 liter to 25 liters. CDF offers both form-fit and pillow styles to meet all your bag-in-box needs. Bag-in-box packaging is a flexible package—with an inner receptacle and an outer corrugate box. The bag-in-box replaces many rigid containers while using significantly less plastic. On average, it costs notably less than a similar capacity rigid container, including cube-shaped inserts and containers, cans, and plastic pails. The bag-in-box systems utilize manual, semi-automatic, and fully automatic fill lines.


UN Certified Cheertainer Package

Dec 20, 2019


CDF Cheertainer & Filler Video

Oct 22, 2019


BIB versus Semi-Rigid Container

Jan 26, 2020

The Defender™ Liner for Stainless Steel IBC

CDF Defender Liner for Stainless Steel Totes was designed to help reduce cleaning costs and assist with corporate sustainability initiatives. Designed for various applications from chemicals, inks, food & beverage, and paints & coatings, the Defender liner will provide the ultimate protection between the stainless-steel tote and your product while drastically reducing cleaning and logistics costs.


The Defender Liner for Stainless Steel Tote

Nov 9, 2020


Defender™ Liner One Minute Install

Jan 14, 2021

Smart Pail® The Plastic Pail Replacement System

The Smart Pail® is a semi-rigid, vacuum-formed, plastic pail insert with a hermetically sealed laminated film lid, housed within an 8-sided corrugated Meta container. Meta Pail transports semi-viscous, solid, and most liquid products currently shipped in plastic pails.


Meta KD8 with Smart Pail Inside

Mar 1, 2018


Meta Pail KD8 Box Assembly

Jan 7, 2019


Meta Pail Meta 8 with Smart Pail Inside

Apr 27, 2018

Form-Fit® IBC Liners

CDF designed and manufactured the Form-Fit liner to fit the internal shape of your intermediate bulk container. The liner design provides high performance in critical applications, such as top-fill application using a bridge or automatic filler, containers with no access doors for placing a liner at the bottom. High speed fills and viscous products where the product can get caught in the folds of a Pillow shaped liner.


CDF Form Fit Top Fill Flat Fill

May 14, 2019


CDF Form Fit Top Fill with Fill Bridge

May 14, 2019


CDF Form-Fit Bottom Fill

May 14, 2019


CDF Air Assist

May 14, 2019


CDF Cutter Membrane with a Pillow & Form Fit Liner

May 14, 2019