Cheertainer bag in box used for beverages

The idea of bringing great tasting beverages to consumers in an ecologically friendly way is the entire idea behind Big Easy Blends. In 2007 Antonio LaMartina and Craig Cordes in an entrepreneurial venture had manufactured all natural margarita beverages; their next venture is to find a durable and ecological packaging.

The product formally launched earlier this year, the product was marketed under the Cordina Mar-GO-rita brand and now has expanded from Louisiana to Florida, Texas and California with further expansion on the horizon to South Korea, Vietnam, Brazil and Israel.

The creation of the Cordina Mar-GO-rita came after there was a dispute on a public beach where the use of glass containers was prohibited. The company, according to Craig Cordes, “wanted a better way to carry premixed beverages” that was permitted in public areas.

The launch of the Big Easy Blends on-the-go pouch has come with great success, not only with packing but with the product itself. The company has sold the single-serve retail product, but in addition to that they have ventured out into the restaurants industry which requires larger capacity packaging. “Restaurants liked the drink mix, but wanted a version to better control inventory and to deliver a more consistent product to the consumer,” explained Cordes.

In April 2009, while attending the Nation Restaurant Association trade show in Chicago, IL, Big Easy Blends was introduced to the CDF Corporation. The CDF Corporation, the manufacturer of the Cheertainer, a flexible form-fit bag-in-box, provided the ideal solution to Cordes’ need.

Now instead of selling their pouches directly to bars and restaurants Big Easy Blends fills their products in CDF’s five gallon bag-in-box. The company then distributes the completed package to restaurants across the southern United States as a more cost effective to market their product in bulk.

Cheertainer’s strength, durability and ease-of-use is one of the things that has impressed Cordes, further noting “the structural quality if amazing” and has had no complaints with leaking or flex cracking; two significant detractors for competitive products.

As oppose to traditional packaging, the Cheertainer is an environmentally conscious, innovative, alternative. Manufactured in standard sizes of 5, 10 and 20 liters (1,2,5 gallons), the form-fit, square design allows for seamless filling and full dispensing of the product.

Due to its unique design and material strength, the Cheetainer improves efficiencies in the restaurant industry because it can be stored in many capacities; whether it is frozen or needed to be kept dry. The Cheertainer solves many of the common problems associated with competitive products, like fitment positioning, dispense operation and flex cracking. The Cheertainer provides and eco-smart choice for the customer, without sacrificing the quality and reliability demanded throughout the marketplace. Its reduced plastic consumption minimizes packaging requirements and maximizes transportation and storage efficiencies.

For Big Easy Blends, the Cheertainer has aided in the company’s expansion into new markets. In addition to the restaurant industry, Big Easy Blends product has expanded into retail outlets, liquor stores and convenience stores. Furthermore, the company is looking to grow to include daiquiris and mojitos. The Cheetainer has aided this growth, providing consumers with a user-friendly product that improves efficiencies and turnover.

By moving forward with cost-effective and an environmentally responsible direction, Big Easy Blends will realize continued growth, expanded opportunity and a sustainable future.