CDF speaks & exhibits at PPC

CDF Corporation, a leading manufacturer of drum, pail and intermediate bulk container liners and flexible packaging, will be presenting “Filling Solutions for Flexible Packaging” at the Petroleum Packaging Council 2011 Spring Meeting.

The CDF speech “Filling Solutions for Flexible Packaging” will cover a review of the filling equipment used for rigid containers, why standard rigid fillers cannot be used for bag in box filling, the benefits and operation of a bag in box filling system and a review of the options to consider when selecting bag-in-box filling equipment.

Representing CDF will be Steve Gosling, Technical Director and Iris Kennedy, Cheertainer Product Manager. Steve is responsible for all technical issues including product development, filling systems, quality, product applications, manufacturing and distribution. Steve is a frequent speaker at industry trade events on a variety of topics, including aseptic filling for spouted flexible pouch technology, solutions for IBC totes and e-beam technology.

In her current role as Product Manager of the Cheertainer bag in box product line, Iris is responsible for the development and growth of the Cheertainer brand in North America. Her business goals are to increase awareness of the benefits of flexible packaging and to increase Cheertainer market share in North America. Iris is working closely with the beverage, chemical and petroleum markets. Iris will be exhibiting the Cheertainer during the tradeshow portion of the Petroleum Packaging Council Spring Meeting.

The Petroleum Packaging Council  Spring Meeting will be held March 20-22 at the Renaissance Tampa International Plaza Hotel in Tampa, Florida. The Petroleum Packaging Council (PPC) provides technical leadership and education to the petroleum packaging industry, while providing a forum where members can exchange pertinent information for the betterment of the industry and the world we live in. This is done via lectures, seminars, training courses, supplier trade shows and general discussions.

CDF presented at the Petroleum Packaging Council

Laura Beechwood, Chief Operating Office and Iris Kennedy, Cheertainer Bag in Box Product Manager represented CDF in their speech “Liners & Flexible Packaging for the Petroleum Industry”. The lecture covered the benefits of using liners in the petroleum industry, technical considerations and types of drum, pail and intermediate bulk container liners and innovations in the flexible packaging industry. The presentation can be viewed at

Bag in box passes transportation tests for petroleum

Cheertainer® Bag-in-Box packaging has been declared compatible for use with petroleum products, following rigorous Department of Transportation testing. Positive test results enhance the value, flexibility and cost savings that come with using Cheertainer bag-in-box packaging for petroleum-based applications.

The 28-day chemical compatibility examination was conducted by Ten-E Packaging Services, a highly regarded product testing facility, as mandated under the Department of Transportation’s Title 49 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), Part 173 Appendix B. CFR testing subjects the product to rigorous chemical compatibility and rate of permeation trials in extreme chamber conditions measuring 122° F (50° C) for 28 days.

As part of the testing, Cheertainer bags were filled with both regular and synthetic motor oil and were inspected weekly for evidence of defects, including cracking, crazing, swelling and leakage. According to the report, there was “no visible evidence of deformation to any container” during the testing.

“We are pleased that the Cheertainer performed successfully as expected, thereby adding to its benefits over rigid packaging. The cost savings and sustainability advantages of the Cheertainer make it a valuable alternative to rigid packaging, especially for petroleum companies,” stated Iris Kennedy, CDF’s Product Manager for Cheertainer.

The Cheertainer provides an eco-smart choice for the petroleum customer without sacrificing the quality and reliability demanded throughout the marketplace – reduced plastic consumption minimizes packaging requirements, while maximizing transportation and storage efficiency. The packaging’s form-fit, square design allows for seamless filling and full dispensing of the product.