CDF exhibiting flexible packaging for petroleum products at the PPC Spring Meeting

CDF Corporation will exhibit bag-in-box liners and drum and pail products at the Petroleum Packaging Council’s Spring Meeting and Tradeshow.


The Petroleum Packaging Council’s Spring Meeting and Tradeshow will be held March 20th to the 22nd at the Hilton Sandestin Beach Golf Resort & Spa in Destin, Florida.


CDF has a wide range of flexible products to satisfy the needs of petroleum manufacturers. Bag-in-box is the ideal packaging solution for chemical applications ranging in size from 1 liter to 25 liters. CDF offers both form-fit and pillow styles to meet all your bag in box needs. CDF Corporation has recently passed the design qualification testing of a combination package; fiberboard box with a plastic bag. CDF’s UN certified bag-in-box will provide the highest levels of protection for transporting hazardous products requiring class II and III packaging.


CDF’s drum and pail liners provide outstanding performance in critical lubricant applications. CDF has the industry’s most comprehensive selection of drum and pail liners and accessories. CDF products range from tough, leak-proof, vacuum-formed inserts, to economical, round-bottom liners to the special protection of barrier-film liners. These liners and inserts can be used with many chemical applications, such as adhesives, automotive, coatings, detergent, greases, ink, lubricants, paint, sealants and soap. CDF’s line of drum and pail accessories include EZ-Strainers, dust caps, cover sheets and lids.


CDF Corporation announces hire of Vice President of Sales

CDF Corporation has hired Jay Waltz to join the CDF team as Vice President of Sales. In his new role at CDF Corporation, Waltz will be responsible for creating and implementing overall sales operations strategies designed to help achieve the company’s business objectives.

One of Waltz’s primary initiatives will be to identify and deliver revenue opportunities for the company’s new products. Additionally, he will be responsible for sales methodology and process, sales forecasting and optimizing the customer and partner sales experience. “CDF is an innovative company with great products and talented people,” said Waltz. “We are poised for growth and I am honored to be part of this exciting team.”

Waltz comes to CDF with more than thirty years of experience in sales and leadership. Before joining CDF Corporation, he served as Vice President of Sales at Fulflex, Inc., a manufacturer of thin gauge specialty elastics, where he helped global account teams achieve significant growth in revenue and market share. Waltz also co-developed and implemented the custom mixing division at Fulflex. Prior to Fulflex, Waltz was the VAR Channel Sales Director at Global Knowledge, where he was responsible for developing the market for the OnDemand Software product line. While at Global Knowledge, Waltz pioneered the government channel and earned the Top Sales Achievement Award for the highest sales revenue in the company.

CDF to showcase Smart Pail®, EZ-Flo™, Bag in Box and IBC liners at Pack Expo 2014

Plymouth, MA, August 15, 2014 – CDF Corporation, a global company that specializes in the manufacture and sale of high quality drum, pail, intermediate bulk container and bag in box liners and flexible packaging, will exhibit CDF’s newest products, the EZ-Flo Packaging/Dispensing System and IBC liners for stainless steel totes. There will also be live interactive Smart Pail and bag in box equipment demos in booth# 7664 Lakeside Upper.

Pack Expo International will be held November 2nd to November 5th at McCormick Place in Chicago, Illinois. The tradeshow allows representatives of companies from around the world to experience and discover the newest innovations in the processing and packaging markets.

Representing CDF will be Joe Sullivan, President; Tom McCarthy, General Manager; Joe Wanner, Smart Pail Product Manager; Jimmy Pigg, Flexible Packaging Engineer; Iris Thomas, Flexible Packaging Product Manager; Mark Sinn, EZ-Flo Product Manager; and Dave Christian, Jim Gillis, Jayne Handscom and Jake Sullivan, Sales Representatives.

The Smart Pail, a plastic pail replacement system, was developed to offer a more sustainable and cost effective system for transporting semi-viscous, solids and some liquids traditionally shipped in plastic pails. The Smart Pail is a semi-rigid, flexible vacuum-formed plastic liner with a unique wide-mouth laminated peel-reseal lidding film structure offering tamper evidence, easy open-close, excellent oxygen barrier and efficient disposal.

The bag in box liner is the ideal packaging solution for chemical, food, beverage and cosmetic applications ranging in size from 1 liter to 25 liters. CDF offers both form-fit and pillow styles to meet your entire bag in box needs. BIB flexible packaging offers many benefits, such as excellent quality due to superior seam strength and there is no foaming or splashing because the package fills without air.

The EZ-Flo Packaging/Dispensing System is an environment-friendly dispensing alternative to traditional squeeze, pump and spray bottles. The EZ-Flo‘s innovative dispensing system uses patent pending technology to dispense products of various viscosities without the assistance of gravity. The system is cost effective, reducing waste, time and labor, while improving overall productivity.

The Air-Assist® liner allows the user to realize a more complete evacuation of their product. Less residual product is left inside the liner, resulting in savings to the user. Air-Assist liners are specifically designed for high viscosity products.

Pack Expo tradeshows aim to advance the processing and packaging industry around the world. You can expect to find thousands of engaged attendees, interactive education, and the latest technology and innovations in processing, packaging, and pharmaceutical lifecycle solutions.

CDF exhibiting Smart Pail™ plastic pail replacement system, Cheertainer® bag-in-box and flexible packaging for pails, drums and IBCs at Pack Expo International 2013

CDF Corporation, a leading manufacturer of liners for drums, pails, intermediate bulk containers and flexible packaging, will display CDF’s newest product, the Smart Pail and have live interactive bag in box filling equipment demonstrations at Pack Expo International 2013 at booth# 7838 Upper South.

Pack Expo International 2013 will be held September 23rd to the 25th at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas, NV. Pack Expo International will focus on the latest developments in packaging technology and will showcase exhibitors’ state-of-the-art advances in packaging machinery, converting machinery, materials, packages and containers and components.

Representing CDF will be Joe Sullivan, President; Tom McCarthy, General Manager IBC Division; Joe Wanner, Product Manager Drum and Pail Division; Jimmy Pigg, Cheertainer Applications Engineer; Iris Thomas, Cheertainer Product Manager; and Dave Christian and Jake Sullivan , Sales Representatives.

CDF has a wide range of flexible products to satisfy the needs of product manufacturers and producers. CDF’s liners for intermediate bulk containers, drums and pails provide outstanding performance in critical food, cosmetic and chemical applications. The Cheertainer, CDF’s form-fit bag-in-box, is an ideal solution for small and large volume needs. Ranging in size from 5 to 20 liters, the Cheertainer is manufactured with CDF1 Smart Seal Technology™, ensuring the ultimate reliability of the package.

CDF’s most recent product addition is the Smart Pail, a plastic pail replacement system. The Smart Pail is a semi-rigid, flexible vacuum-formed plastic liner with the option of a hermetically sealed lid and/or snap-on plastic cover, corrugated box and corrugated lid. The Smart Pail was developed for viscous and dry products.