CDF Cheertainer gets the UN Nod of approval for Europe

Bag in box packaging has been around for over 50 years, in those fifty years BIB has become well established in the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries. However, within the last two years BIB has introduced itself in the lubricant industry; the reception was limited and was not seen as a serious contender for packaging aggressive product like those of the lubricant industry.

Most recently, CDF Europe and European corrugated partners have developed a bag-in-box package specifically for the lubricant and chemical industry. This is also the first BIB package that is certified for UN transport.

Marco Dariol, the CDF Europe Technical Director states that his R&D team worked closely with the box manufacturers to meet exact needs that are required by both the UN test and the markets. The result was a final box design coated with polyethylene terephthalate on the outside. The final product was a product with the strength and durability of a rigid package but the sustainability benefits of BIB.

The box has now been tested in accordance with the United Nations Committee of Experts on the Transport of Dangerous Goods. The test ensures that the product is able to be transports under the most extreme conditions and withstand the conditions. The package has now been approved for ten to twenty liters sizes for the Hazardous Goods Classifications Groups 2 and 3.

One of the challenges faced in plastics packaging, explains Dariol, is when the temperature is reduced to -18 degrees Celsius. He explains, “The bag is filled with liquid containing antifreeze and subjected to freezing temperatures for over 24 hours.” At this point the bag is frozen while the liquid inside is fluid, the bag is then dropped from 1.2 meters. Dariol continues, “This is a tough test for plastic because it becomes brittle, but every bag passed.”

There are many reasons to switch to BIB, one being the improved environmental protection, sustainability, ergonomics and cost savings. The CDF Europe Cheertainer is targeting industrial and consumer sectors such as cleaning chemicals, detergents, lubricants, general chemicals, paints and coatings. The bag is capable of dispensing many fluids, and is and improvement on former designs, the bag fits securely into the box which leads to the distribution of hazardous material more evenly.

The Cheertainer bag reduces plastic consumption and in return lessens the amount of plastic in landfills. This is a reduction of nearly 90 percent, compared to 20 liter rigid packaging. Furthermore, its flat design while shipping reduces transportation and handling costs nearly 20 times over jerry cans. As a result, it can reduce the number of trucks on the road, and in time fuel consumed and greenhouse gases emitted.

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