Europe to lead green packaging market; bioplastics to flourish

Per Allied Market Research, the recycle content packaging segment is expected to grow with a CAGR of 4.92 percent to reach $207,543 million globally by 2022.

Bioplastic is a new ecological alternative to oil-based polymers with promising growth in pharmaceutical sectors. Bioplastics have flourished in healthcare and pharmaceutical markets and are accepted as an alternative for polymer oil-based products. Reverse logistics and an increase in the number of legislations for ecological packaging techniques have facilitated the recycle of municipal wastes.

The European region is expected to continue to lead the green packaging market, followed by North America. The German green packaging market is estimated at a CAGR of 5.10 percent, while the Middle East region is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 3.15 percent. The North American and Asia-Pacific regions jointly accounted for more than half of the total 2015 share.

Rise in hygiene and health concerns among consumers boosts the demand for green packaging with applications in sustainable packaging.


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Source: Greentechlead


CDF Europe with Alma Chimica Launches UN Certified Waterproof Bag-in-Box

CDF Europe, a leading manufacturer of flexible packaging, announced a supply agreement with Alma Chimica, Italy’s leading producer of detergents and cleaning chemicals, for their newly UN certified, waterproof bag-in-box.  The package will be filled throughout Alma Chimica’s umbrella organisation under the trade name “Ecobox”.  The bag-in-box, manufactured using CDF Europe’s patented Cheertainer liner, is considered to be the world’s first UN certified bag-in-box.

Michael Watson, CDF Europe Sales & Marketing Director says, “This unique product launch and to be working with a company like Alma Chimica is incredibly exciting for us.  UN certification is critical for these applications and we are able to offer this package with all the benefits Cheertainer brings, including significant reductions in waste disposal and logistics costs.”

Alma Chimica has launched the UN certified “Ecobox” in several markets including in-home and industrial detergents and cleaning chemicals.

Gianpaolo Maino Sales Manager for Alma Chimica says “Cheertainer has had a tremendous impact on our overall business.  It has allowed us to become more sustainable, which was an important goal for our company.  It has also allowed us to provide a safer and easier-to-use product.”

This is the first package in the Italian detergents marketplace to feature connector dispensing, allowing for the product to be evacuated in a portion-controlled manner.  Connector dispensing is critical when used with hazardous chemicals as it greatly improves safety in the workplace by minimizing spillage and contamination issues.

CDF Global Summit brings great minds together……..

Picture Caption: Left to right - Stellan Flensmo of Quadpack Sweeden, Per-Olof Petersson of Quadpack, Sweeden, Laura Beechwood, Managing Director CDF-Europe, Marco Dariol, Operations Director, CDF Europe, Michael Watson, Sales & Marketing Director, CDF Europe, Bengt-H Ellow, of Quadpack Sweeden and Louisa Watson, PR consultant CDF Europe.

CDF Europe and CDF Corporation along with other global partners has gathered together in Plymouth, Massachusetts, for their first global summit, which has been an unprecedented success.


Laura Beechwood, Managing Director of CDF Europe, comments, “We have so many great ideas in the world of liquid packaging from 1 litre up to 1000 litre and it was time we all shared those ideas and innovations.  We are fortunate within our company and our partnerships, to have a huge breadth of experience and such diverse packaging minds, last week brought regeneration and new motivation, it’s exciting!”

CDF Corporation is based in Plymouth, Massachusetts and was built around a basic principle: bring to industrial customers the best in class, liquid packaging, which provides a competitive edge in design, form and function. Over the years, CDF has built upon this, with an unwavering commitment to state of the art manufacturing and customer focus in decision making and investment strategies.

Beechwood continues, “This Global Summit is just an extension of our core beliefs and with our customers facing both economic and environmental challenges across the globe this meeting of minds and sharing of ideas has never been so important.”

CDF is a global leader in semi-rigid and flexible liquid packaging for the chemical, petrochemical, cosmetic, food and beverage and industrial markets. With production facilities in the United States, Switzerland, Sweden and Asia, CDF’s customer base now extends over six continents.

Beechwood concludes “We work collaboratively with our customers to solve systemic packaging problems. What makes CDF Europe unique is our ability to adapt solutions from one industry to meet the needs of another. It is this synergy and sharing that broadens the knowledge base across markets and global territories and so brings real value to our customers.”

CDF Europe is expected to be launching new products into the European market place as a result of this summit.

CDF Cheertainer gets the UN Nod of approval for Europe

Bag in box packaging has been around for over 50 years, in those fifty years BIB has become well established in the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries. However, within the last two years BIB has introduced itself in the lubricant industry; the reception was limited and was not seen as a serious contender for packaging aggressive product like those of the lubricant industry.

Most recently, CDF Europe and European corrugated partners have developed a bag-in-box package specifically for the lubricant and chemical industry. This is also the first BIB package that is certified for UN transport.

Marco Dariol, the CDF Europe Technical Director states that his R&D team worked closely with the box manufacturers to meet exact needs that are required by both the UN test and the markets. The result was a final box design coated with polyethylene terephthalate on the outside. The final product was a product with the strength and durability of a rigid package but the sustainability benefits of BIB.

The box has now been tested in accordance with the United Nations Committee of Experts on the Transport of Dangerous Goods. The test ensures that the product is able to be transports under the most extreme conditions and withstand the conditions. The package has now been approved for ten to twenty liters sizes for the Hazardous Goods Classifications Groups 2 and 3.

One of the challenges faced in plastics packaging, explains Dariol, is when the temperature is reduced to -18 degrees Celsius. He explains, “The bag is filled with liquid containing antifreeze and subjected to freezing temperatures for over 24 hours.” At this point the bag is frozen while the liquid inside is fluid, the bag is then dropped from 1.2 meters. Dariol continues, “This is a tough test for plastic because it becomes brittle, but every bag passed.”

There are many reasons to switch to BIB, one being the improved environmental protection, sustainability, ergonomics and cost savings. The CDF Europe Cheertainer is targeting industrial and consumer sectors such as cleaning chemicals, detergents, lubricants, general chemicals, paints and coatings. The bag is capable of dispensing many fluids, and is and improvement on former designs, the bag fits securely into the box which leads to the distribution of hazardous material more evenly.

The Cheertainer bag reduces plastic consumption and in return lessens the amount of plastic in landfills. This is a reduction of nearly 90 percent, compared to 20 liter rigid packaging. Furthermore, its flat design while shipping reduces transportation and handling costs nearly 20 times over jerry cans. As a result, it can reduce the number of trucks on the road, and in time fuel consumed and greenhouse gases emitted.

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CDF Corporation adds European division for bag in box

Recently appointed Managing Director, Laura Beechwood, will be leading the operations and marketing the launch of CDF Europe, the first division of CDF Corporation outside of the United States.  As part of the expansion, CDF has purchased the Swiss-based Flexipack SA and will base its European headquarters in Lamone, Switzerland.

CDF Europe will manufacture and market Cheertainer UN™, Europe’s first UN certified bag in box.  In addition, the Lamone manufacturing facility will produce the premiere line of Cheertainer® bag in boxes and distribute pillow bags and IBC (1000 litre) liners to the EU market.

“We have been preparing for this European launch for several months.  CDF is the leader in flexible packaging for liquids in the U.S.,” said Laura Beechwood, Managing Director for CDF Europe.  “We built our business on an unwavering commitment to quality and an enthusiasm for innovation.  My job is to bring structure to our business in Europe and build upon the technical expertise that already exists in abundance here.”

Ms. Beechwood is an owner and former Chief Operating Officer of CDF Corporation and sits on the Board of Directors.  She was instrumental in creating and implementing the Global Strategic Business Plan.

CDF Corporation, based in the United States, is the brand leader in the manufacture of thermo-formed and heat sealed flexible packaging and bag in box liners.  CDF has products across a variety of markets and industries including food and beverage, chemicals and petrochemicals, paints and coatings and adhesives.

CDF pioneered the patented Cheetainer in the U.S. markets and is formally launching this brand and premiere product with the CDF Europe Division.  The Cheertainer is a revolutionary, form-fitting, multi-ply bag capable of dispensing many liquids with benefits not found in traditional pillow bags.  It also employs CDF1 Smart Seal Technology™ which optimizes consistency in temperature, time and pressure for every seal on every liner.

The Cheertainer UN is the world’s first U.N. Certified flexible package in 5 litre, 10 litre and 20 litre sizes.  As a certified product, it can be used for international transport of certain hazardous goods.

“To obtain U.N. Certification requires expertise in film procurement, packaging design, machinery specifications and processing parameters,” said Marco Dariol, Director of Operations, CDF Europe.  “Everything must work in conjunction to get the unique requirements necessary for certification performance.  It is both an art and a science.”

CDF Europe will be fully operational by June 1, 2011.  Michael Watson former Sales Manager for Northern Europe for Flexipack has accepted the position of CDF Europe Director of Sales. Marco Dariol will be Director of Operations and Technical Director.

“This is an excellent opportunity for the next generation of bag in box to really take off in Europe,” said Michael Watson, Director of Sales, CDF Europe.  “We have a truly unique product in the UN Certified Cheertainer.  It is by far the most innovative product of its kind available in Europe at the present time. And it is great to have CDF Europe’s support and resources for all of our Sales and Marketing initiatives.”