Bag in box solutions showroom

CDF opened a new, state-of-the-art filler showroom showcasing its successful bag-in-box product, Cheertainer®. The new showroom offers CDF customers an exceptional opportunity to try out both fully automatic and semiautomatic filling equipment as part of CDF’s “Commitment to Solutions” initiative. The initiative also includes product training, customized sourcing and manufacturing for CDF’s form-fit, bag-in-box gusseted designs.

“Our investment in an industrial showroom demonstrates our commitment to being a complete solution provider for our customers’ flexible packaging challenges,” commented Iris Kennedy, Cheertainer Product Manager. “In addition to manufacturing a full line of industrial and retail packaging products, CDF Corporation now has the ability to demonstrate how customers might fill our Cheertainer product using standard equipment.”

The filling equipment currently on display is supplied by Flexifill Ltd., and is available in fully automatic and semi-automatic options. A fully automatic filler can fill up to 1,000,000 units per year and a semi-automatic filler can fill up to 500,000 units per year. The machines have the ability to run multiple sizes, and occupy a relatively small space compared to comparable filling equipment. These state of the art fillers are very user friendly; easy to clean, maintain and sterilize.

The showroom also highlights the Cheertainer – a form-fit, square, bag-in-box product that provides an eco-smart choice for food and beverage, chemicals, detergents, creams and lotions, inks, paints and coatings applications. The design of the Cheertainer is ideal for clean filling and full dispensing of a wide range of products. The bag creates a significant cost-saving opportunity with reduced plastic consumption and packaging requirements that yield transportation and warehousing efficiency.

CDF received Massachusetts Family Business Award

 CDF was awarded the 2009 Massachusetts Family Business Award. The Massachusetts Family Business of the Year Awards program honors the most successfully run and managed family businesses in Massachusetts. The awards program is a partnership between Northeastern University’s Center for Family Business and The Family Firm Institute New England Chapter. The program promotes and highlights some of the great achievements of Massachusetts-based, family-owned businesses and entrepreneurs.

Bag in box passes transportation tests for petroleum

Cheertainer® Bag-in-Box packaging has been declared compatible for use with petroleum products, following rigorous Department of Transportation testing. Positive test results enhance the value, flexibility and cost savings that come with using Cheertainer bag-in-box packaging for petroleum-based applications.

The 28-day chemical compatibility examination was conducted by Ten-E Packaging Services, a highly regarded product testing facility, as mandated under the Department of Transportation’s Title 49 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), Part 173 Appendix B. CFR testing subjects the product to rigorous chemical compatibility and rate of permeation trials in extreme chamber conditions measuring 122° F (50° C) for 28 days.

As part of the testing, Cheertainer bags were filled with both regular and synthetic motor oil and were inspected weekly for evidence of defects, including cracking, crazing, swelling and leakage. According to the report, there was “no visible evidence of deformation to any container” during the testing.

“We are pleased that the Cheertainer performed successfully as expected, thereby adding to its benefits over rigid packaging. The cost savings and sustainability advantages of the Cheertainer make it a valuable alternative to rigid packaging, especially for petroleum companies,” stated Iris Kennedy, CDF’s Product Manager for Cheertainer.

The Cheertainer provides an eco-smart choice for the petroleum customer without sacrificing the quality and reliability demanded throughout the marketplace – reduced plastic consumption minimizes packaging requirements, while maximizing transportation and storage efficiency. The packaging’s form-fit, square design allows for seamless filling and full dispensing of the product.

CDF EZ-Strainer used in agricultural & automotive markets

CDF Corporation, the leading manufacturer of drum, pail, and intermediate bulk container liners and flexible packaging solutions, introduced its EZ-Strainer™ insert for 55-gallon drums and 5-gallon pails into the agricultural and automotive markets.

The newly tested strainer, which allows for more efficient production and reduced customer cost by improving filtering techniques in a time-efficient manner, has been successfully used throughout industry and manufacturing  sectors, but new testing has revealed potential benefits for agricultural and automotive machinery and equipment.

“The EZ-Strainer’s dynamic use fits in all industries and is one of the most innovative products we have developed,” said Vice President of Manufacturing Wayne Morgan. “We are excited about the possibilities of entering new markets; we believe customers throughout the automotive and agricultural markets will be truly impressed.”

The revolutionary EZ-Strainer filters unwanted particles from valuable liquid products.  A patented lip design allows the EZ-Strainer to simply hang from the top of any open-headed 55-gallon drum or 5-gallon pail without the chance of being pulled inside, even with heavy, viscous products.  The EZ-Strainer can be used in those industries mixing liquid products such as inks, paints and urethanes, and for printing purposes.  New testing has targeted the agricultural and automotive markets for use many uses, from filtering maple syrup and other liquid products to filtering oils and fluids for heavy equipment, such as tractors, production machinery, and vehicles.  The EZ-Strainer is currently being used in successful bio-diesel programs around the country.

“We have been continually impressed by the EZ-Strainer,” said President and Founder of Utah Biodiesel Supply Graydon Blair.  “Its durability and ease of use are impressive – it has held up extremely well and we have seen no evidence of tears or other strength defects.”

The EZ-Strainer insert is molded from high molecular weight high-density polyethylene with a center screen that is available in 100 ultra-fine nylon or 200, 400 and 600 multi-element mesh (fine, medium or coarse).  EZ-Strainer inserts are ideal for removing particles from food, paints, coatings, silicone, ink and any other liquid product that needs to be debris free.  The product can be inserted into 55-gallon drums or 5-gallon pails.