Eleven trends shaping flexible packaging

Here are some recent and developing trends in flexible packaging:

More easy open/ easy reclose options

Today there are more opening treatments, fitment and closure options available, such as reclosable zippers that do not involve tearing the package to open it and pouches with screw-on caps.

Clear high-barrier films

Clear films and coatings barrier properties are becoming comparable to foil and metalized films and offer the possibility of microwavable packaging.

Penetration into entirely new categories

Pouches are being used for a variety of food products. Retort pouches for tuna fish and pet food have replaced cans, glass jars have also been replaced by retort pouches for baby food.

A quick look ahead

Condiments, beauty products like shampoo and lotion, and soups, stocks and canned fruit are anticipated to be next in line for pouch packaging.

The slow roll of the cereal aisle

Cereal is not a product expected to move into flexible packaging any time soon. Cereal manufacturers have too much invested in existing bag in box equipment to make a change.

More layers in co-extrusion

More converters are moving towards seven and nine layer coextrusion lines, which provide more flexibility for cost, thickness and functionality.

Shaped flexible packaging

FFS (form/fill/seal) packaging can generate a multitude of shapes and styles. Machinery manufacturers are working on equipment to create 3 dimensional pouch packaging.

More retortable pouches

The factors driving the growth of retort pouches are they are easier to open than cans, weigh less, result in less waste, minimize loss from denting or breakage and the package can be microwavable.

Pouches’ wide impact

New product applications are developing, liquid, viscous, powdered, granulated and particulate. The growth markets include food and beverage, cosmetics, healthcare, pet foods, automotive, pharmaceutical and agricultural.

Sustainable packaging is taking on new forms

Flexible packaging offers many green benefits: less plastic and energy used in production; flat packaging results in more efficient transport and storage; and after use less material goes into the waste stream.

Waste to Energy is coming of age

WTE is becoming a real end of life option for flexible packaging since advances in municipal incinerator technology have addressed harmful emissions issues. It’s likely that the United States will support efforts to turn waste into electricity, synthetic gas, fuels and recycled materials.

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Source: Packaging World

Flexible packaging specification guidelines: 9 Tips to help you select the right film for your flexible packaging

  1. Specify the properties that matter in converting and end use so the supplier can produce consistent film structures.
  2. Flexible packaging development requires an integrated approach that needs all elements in place to work; therefore you must break down the project into the essential elements.
  3. Focus on understanding and quantifying the package’s real requirements.
  4. Find the film that matches your exact requirements and applications; test the film to confirm its performance abilities.
  5. Quantify what film the supplier can manufacture consistently and efficiently.
  6. Notify the supplier if the film doesn’t work for your application or use.
  7. Confirm the delivered product is cost efficient.
  8. Carefully review and understand all the costs involved.
  9. Be realistic about the cost; low price is not equivalent to great quality.

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Source: Packaging World

CDF exhibiting Smart Pail™ plastic pail replacement system, Cheertainer® bag-in-box and flexible packaging for pails, drums and IBCs at Pack Expo International 2013

CDF Corporation, a leading manufacturer of liners for drums, pails, intermediate bulk containers and flexible packaging, will display CDF’s newest product, the Smart Pail and have live interactive bag in box filling equipment demonstrations at Pack Expo International 2013 at booth# 7838 Upper South.

Pack Expo International 2013 will be held September 23rd to the 25th at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas, NV. Pack Expo International will focus on the latest developments in packaging technology and will showcase exhibitors’ state-of-the-art advances in packaging machinery, converting machinery, materials, packages and containers and components. www.packexpo.com

Representing CDF will be Joe Sullivan, President; Tom McCarthy, General Manager IBC Division; Joe Wanner, Product Manager Drum and Pail Division; Jimmy Pigg, Cheertainer Applications Engineer; Iris Thomas, Cheertainer Product Manager; and Dave Christian and Jake Sullivan , Sales Representatives.

CDF has a wide range of flexible products to satisfy the needs of product manufacturers and producers. CDF’s liners for intermediate bulk containers, drums and pails provide outstanding performance in critical food, cosmetic and chemical applications. The Cheertainer, CDF’s form-fit bag-in-box, is an ideal solution for small and large volume needs. Ranging in size from 5 to 20 liters, the Cheertainer is manufactured with CDF1 Smart Seal Technology™, ensuring the ultimate reliability of the package.

CDF’s most recent product addition is the Smart Pail, a plastic pail replacement system. The Smart Pail is a semi-rigid, flexible vacuum-formed plastic liner with the option of a hermetically sealed lid and/or snap-on plastic cover, corrugated box and corrugated lid. The Smart Pail was developed for viscous and dry products.