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Cleveland Steel Container is one of the leading steel pail manufacturers in the United States for over 50 years serving various industries. At Cleveland Steel Container they take great pride in listening and responding to their customers changing needs and help supply customers with innovative products to keep improving their competitive edge. Cleveland Steel Container saw the need for cradles and trays that could be used in their pails and still pass the rigorous UN testing standards.


Cleveland Steel Container recognized CDF as not only a manufacturer of quality products but as a willing innovator. It was clear that this was the perfect opportunity to further innovate on their packaging solutions with CDF as CDF had already developed a line of liners, cradles and trays for 2.5, 3, 5 and 6 gallon pails. Cradles and trays keep two-part packages separated until combined by the end user.


With the opportunity to meet these customer and market demands CDF was able to establish innovative packaging alternatives for 2-part coating system products that were once shipped in two separate containers. With the development of trays and cradles that would work in UN rated pails, those 2-part products could now be shipped in one container. With this also comes with additional benefits in recued inventory costs, freight expenses and handling charges.

With this new quality, UN rated, line of cradles and trays that CDF and Cleveland Steel Container collaborated on they are able to continue to provide and fulfill customer needs today and in the future.

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