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With a deep history and one of the largest oil companies in America you can imagine the amount of innovation Chevron has put forth throughout the years. With this innovation mindset stemming from its core it is no surprise that even back in the early 1980’s Chevron Packaging Engineers were looking for ways to minimize and contain drum waste residue in an effort to ensure that empty drums in the waste stream were not leaking residual product into the environment.

Fast forward to today’s environmentally conscious world and these proactive innovating thinkers, Chevron was one step ahead of these now vital aspects of conducting a successful, sustainable, and environmentally friendly corporation by addressing these environmental concerns before they had a chance to become problematic.


Chevron worked closely with CDF mindful packaging experts to design seamless liners that would work within their operation without any compromise in the filling speed. CDF’s solution added a drop liner to all of Chevron’s open head grease drums and kegs allowing for proper capturing and disposal of residue that would traditionally have been left behind in a drum.

Additionally CDF established a design feature that allowed air to escape between the drop in liner and the drum so that when grease was filled, the liner would not be pulled into the drum creating a potential for residue. This addresses the original concerns the Chevron Packaging Engineers had with protecting the environment of any residue finding its way into the waste stream once the drum was out of their control.

16 gallon grease keg options were also designed and established to accommodate Chevron’s intermediate container needs.


On top of the environmental benefits these liners bring to Chevron’s grease drums and kegs, they also help with Chevron’s sustainability efforts. CDF drum and keg liners keep the containers in circulation longer and make them readily available for reconditioners resulting in faster turnaround and keeping them out of scrap yards for as long as possible. These proactive steps and innovative collaboration between CDF and Chevron kept residue contained, controlled and out of the waste stream and continue to position themselves as an environmentally conscious and mindful team.

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