Thermoforming or vacuum-forming, produces strong, semi-flexible, seamless (leak-proof) inserts in a range of thicknesses designed to withstand the rigors of our customers’ most demanding applications.

CDF’s expertise in deep-draw thermoforming allows us to produce parts up to an unprecedented 40″ deep in a variety of shapes. We use a variety of mold designs that produce cylindrical, tapered or rectangular-shaped products.

CDF thermoforms FDA-approved LDPE and HDPE for routine applications, but we also work with:

    • Polypropylene for high temperature resistance
    • Anti-static polyethylene for use with volatile materials
    • EVOH for oxygen resistance
    • Other materials upon request

CDF employs a full range of thermoforming technologies, including rotary, in-line and shuttle systems. We work closely with our customers to choose the technology that best fulfills their needs.

Why choose CDF?

CDF has been providing thermoformed plastic packaging since 1971. We have carefully refined our technique for creating a uniform thickness over an incredibly deep draw, a feat unmatched by any competitor over such a wide range of products.

Additionally, CDF prides itself on our ability to work closely with our customers to provide cost-effective, customized thermoformed plastic packaging.

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