Heat Sealing for Drums & Pails

Heat seal technology is used to produce flat seam and round bottom liners, such as our acclaimed LinerPro™ series.

CDF’s proprietary impulse heat seal equipment enables us to seal polyethylene products, as well as difficult to seal specialty films, including:

  • Metallized polyester and foil laminates for moisture protection
  • Conductive laminates and anti-static films for volatile materials
  • Nylon and co-extruded films for chemical resistance
  • Polypropylene for high-temperature requirements
  • Low-density polyethylene for general use

Why choose CDF?

CDF has been providing superior heat-sealed round-bottom liners since 1985. Since then, we have carefully refined our technique to ensure risk-free performance and an ability to work with a wider range of materials, compared to our competitors.

At CDF we pride ourselves on our ability to work closely with our customers to provide cost-effective, customized container solutions.

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