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smart PAIl® - the plastic pail replacement system

The Smart Pail was developed to offer a more sustainable and cost effective system for transporting semi-viscous, solids and some liquids traditionally shipped in plastic pails. The Smart Pail is a semi-rigid, flexible vacuum-formed plastic liner with a unique wide-mouth laminated peel-reseal lidding film structure offering tamper evidence, easy open-close, excellent oxygen barrier and efficient disposal. The Smart Pail is inserted into a specifically designed corrugated box and stacked 48 units per 40” x 48” pallet for transportation.


The end-user simply peels open the peel reseal label, cuts the tamper evident film and pumps, scoops or pours the contents. The peel-reseal lidding can be opened and closed multiple times. The Smart Pail is easily collapsed - ready for disposal or recycling. Four collapsed Smart Pails fit into one 5 gallon pail - saving space, time and the environment!  



Typical Smart Pail Markets

  • Chemical (adhesives, greases, inks, lubricants, paints)
  • Cosmetic (flakes, lipstick, powders)


  • Construction (powders, drywall mud, concrete additives)
  • Food (condiments, fillings, frosting, pastes, dressings and sauces, diced fruit, pet food)



  • Ensures the absolute purity of your product.
  • Unique tamper evident lidding film – idea for foods and condiments.
  • Easy open, easy close with large peel-reseal lidding structure.
  • Lighter weight than 5 gallon plastic pail.
  • 17,000 empty Smart Pails shipped nested to filler vs. typical 6,500 pails = less trucking!
  • Easy to dispose - recyclable, collapsible plastic & corrugated.
  • Space savings - collapsible Smart Pail takes up less space in a plant and dumpster! 
  • Smart Pail will help you hit your sustainability initiatives. 


Smart Pails are available in 5 gallon sizes. Other sizes may be available with new molds.



High-density polyethylene creates rigid, durable inserts that are robust for a wide range of applications and have superior solvent resistance.

Smart Pail - Sustainable Industrial Containers

Recycle Code 2




Smart Pail utilizes a unique heat seal.  CDF will supply start-up equipment and training for samples, trials and customer qualification. A full, high-speed, automated Smart Pail fill line can be integrated into your existing fill line or designed as a dedicated line including denester, box erector, heat sealer, pick and place and palletizer - integrated under one logic system. CDF will evaluate your project with you, analyze the payback for you and offer support beginning to end. 




Smart Pail is designed to fit 48 filled units on a 40" x 48” pallet. Smart Pails can be filled to any weight and has been ISTA tested for drop, impact, vibration, compression and impact filled to 43 lbs. with water. Heavier products such as joint compound filled to upwards of 60 lbs. can also be used with Smart Pail. The unique box structure will be specified to your application allowing for double pallet stacking and maximizing your handling efficiencies. 




Unique peel-reseal structure allows for wide opening access to pump, scoop or pouring and multiple open-closures.  Metallized material offers excellent oxygen and moisture barrier – ideal for food applications. Unique under-label film offers guaranteed tamper evidence. No separate lid to track or pick up floor contaminants and no more battered fingers trying to remove pail lidding again! 




CDF will work in a coordinated manner with the box company to make sure you have the best package for your application. 




CDF is structured around product groups, each with it’s own product manager, engineers, sales force and mfg. team.  This approach allows us to stay close to the customer in a fully integrated way. CDF is the only global producer that excels in three key packaging areas;  deep-draw vacuum forming, blow molding and heat sealing. We utilize our broad and deep knowledge base to create high quality packaging systems - anticipating rather than reacting to market trends. We are a family owned global business with high expectations - tailored to meet the customer’s needs. We will be with your project from beginning to end bringing support and a consultative approach to your unique application. 



Prior to use, the user shall independently determine the suitability of the products for the user’s intended use and user assumes all risk and liability whatsoever in connection therewith. CDF products are intended for single use application. Any reuse of the liner and/or fitment voids the warranty.