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       Did you know?

       If plastics in packaging were replaced by

       traditional materials, CO2 emissions

       would increase 7 times over, adding to

       the greenhouse effect.



At CDF we are problem solvers, known for listening to our customers’ precise needs and bringing our leading-edge manufacturing capabilities to provide superior custom solutions. Innovative packaging begins with an immediate response to your questions, needs and ideas.

Problems to be solved in the packaging of your product can be complex and the choices overwhelming. Does your product need FDA-approved purity, resistance to chemicals or high temperatures? What shape will be best for manufacturing and ease-of-use for the emptier? Will anti-stat be important? We will work with you to find the answers.

The alternative to forcing a fit between your needs and the limited inventory of “off the shelf” Formed Containers, Clear & Opaquesuppliers, is a call to CDF Corporation. Our investment to manufacturing and quality processes and our conviction that creative, inventive people are the key to the operation makes CDF a problem solver.

The proof of our commitment to meeting customer needs is in the expertise of our people. CDF customer service reps know our products and can speak your language. CDF engineers can translate your needs and ideas into working prototypes. CDF manufacturing line workers contribute daily to the continuous improvement of our products and procedures.

At CDF we are committed to a Total Quality Management environment. We believe this approach helps us stay focused on what we can do better.