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A New World of Liquid Packaging Innovation


CDF Europe is a division of CDF Corporation, a global plastic manufacturing company headquartered in Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA.


CDF Europe’s full line of flexible bag in box products is designed specifically for customers in the chemical, industrial, lubricants and food industry who want innovative, sustainable packaging with high level performance. This new world of flexible packaging saves money, improves usage and decreases waste whilst all the time building our customers’ brand appeal.   


Innovation both in product design and systems delivery sets CDF Europe apart in the world of flexible packaging. We produce Cheertainer™, the first and only U.N. certified bag-in-box for group 2 and 3 hazardous materials. We spearheaded development of the next generation bag in box for the lubricants market and expanded our line of traditional bag in box products to include stand up pouches and triangle bags used in the food industry. Our mandate is greater packaging performance with less packaging.    


CDF Europe has redefined the rules of packaging and will change your expectations for liquid packaging. Forever.




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