Meta Pail with Smart Pail Inside

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Meta® Pail 

Meta® 8 with Smart Pail® Inside

The Meta® Pail is a semi-rigid, vacuum-formed, plastic pail with a hermetically sealed peel-reseal laminated film lid, housed within an 8-sided corrugated container. Meta Pail was developed for transporting semi-viscous, solid and some liquid currently shipped in plastic pails.

The combination of the Smart Pail® and the Meta® 8 is a highly effective packaging solution that delivers superior performance by:

  • Supply Chain Optimization via space savings, transport efficiencies and handling
  • Reducing transportation costs
  • Lowering operational costs
  • Improving your sustainability score card (recyclable components- LLDPE or HDPE pail and corrugated container) + less packaging and increased space savings


Typical Meta Pail Markets

  • Condiments
  • Frosting
  • Diced fruit
  • Dressings & Sauces
  • Pet food
  • Adhesives
  • Inks
  • Lubricants


  • Ensures the absolute purity of your product.
  • Unique tamper evident lidding film – idea for foods and condiments.
  • Easy open, easy close with large peel-reseal lidding structure.
  • Lighter weight than 5 gallon plastic pail.
  • 17,000 empty Smart Pails shipped nested to filler vs. typical 6,500 pails = less trucking!
  • Easy to dispose – recyclable, collapsible plastic & corrugated.
  • Space savings – collapsible Smart Pail takes up less space in a plant and dumpster!
  • Smart Pail will help you hit your sustainability initiatives.


  • Semi-rigid and collapsible, 2.5 to 5 gallon sizes
  • No weight restrictions
  • Nestable and light weight, weighing less than ½ lb. – over 18,000 per incoming truck


  • Various lid film options including peel/reseal, peel and dispose lid, barrier and recyclable
  • Printed resealable film lid provides an excellent oxygen barrier that ensures purity of product- making it ideal for food applications
  • Unique tamper evident system integrated into the film lidding
  • No separate lid to track or pick up floor contaminants
  • Unique Smart Seal technology, provides excellent strength and product protection


  • Meta case is formed from a flat die around a mandrel to precise dimensions
  • Precision formed corrugated case is stronger than a comparable RSC
  • Multi-faced 8-sided container offers unique branding opportunity

Shipping/ Palletization/ Stacking

  • Designed to fit 48 filled units on a 40” x 48” pallet
  • Collapsible pail for improved space savings at both the processor and end-user
  • Meta case allows for double pallet stacking, maximizing your handling efficiencies while improving your sustainability scorecard

Equipment Options

  • Semi-automatic (Meta 8 or KD 8)
  • Fully-automatic (Meta 8 or KD 8)
    • Systems available for several levels of output

The equipment is capable of running:

  • Mandrel-formed 8-sided corrugate pail and integrated thermoformed pail
  • Meta KD 8 case with integrated thermoformed pail
  • Hand erected Meta KD 8 with thermoformed pails


  • Project design, engineering and support from beginning to end
  • Turn-key installation and line integration


  • Significantly reduces the life-cycle environment impact vs. plastic pails