Iris Thomas receives the PPC President’s Award

The Petroleum Packaging Council President’s Award was formed to publicly recognize a person who is deemed the largest contributor to the success of the organization for the year in which they are recognized. PPC developed this recognition award as part of its commitment to encourage, nurture and celebrate exceptional volunteer and professional leadership.

Iris Thomas was awarded the 2012 PPC President’s Award for just some of the reasons listed below.

“Iris is always willing to help out and her follow-up is impeccable. She is very active on committees and provides good and sound ideas.  She has helped in bringing in speakers over the years. She has been a speaker/presenter in the past. Iris is always focused on improving PPC.”

“She provides excellent support of technical committees, guest speakers and development in the new PPC Marketing Plan.”

“Iris is always involved in meetings, committee meeting and any activity that takes place at PPC meetings.”