EZ-Flo Packaging Dispensing Systems

The EZ-Flo Packaging/Dispensing System is an environment-friendly dispensing alternative to traditional squeeze, pump and spray bottles. The EZ-Flo’s innovative packaging/dispensing system uses patent pending technology to dispense products of various viscosities without the assistance of gravity. The system is cost effective, reducing waste, time and labor, while improving overall productivity.

4 key questions about 2 sustainable packaging paths

Using recyclable materials had taken a back seat to bio based polymers technologies, however recently recycling is on the forefront of the packaging world. At the Sustainability in Packaging event in 2014, the debate centered on two different philosophies: resources that are resource-intensive but have the ability to sustain in the long-term or practices that have a lower environmental footprint today, but not in the long term. Some highlights from the debate were whether companies should move to a lighter weight design to contribute to their sustainability efforts. Flexible packaging has a significant reduction in material used; energy consumed, and resources used in transportation. On the other side of the debate, renewable packaging. Whether the product has a second life in some other form.

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Source: Packaging Digest