Consumer behaviour and sustainability – what you need to know

The difference between ethical supply chain and consumers shopping with their head. While sustainability speaks to the heart of the consumer because they feel they are doing good, consumers shop with their head. This means the style, quality, and price are factors in the decision making. Furthermore, what is going to inspire the consumer to purchase a product that is socially conscious versus one that did not have an ethical, sustainable narrative. Moreover, while the term sustainability can be misleading, its always wise to have a narrative. Telling a story as to why the product went down one route and ensured the claim has substance. For example, in some plastic films the technology in use that allows for a long shelf life for the product. Food waste, which is a sustainability issue, can be alleviated with the packaging technologies. While this packaging style has received a bad rap, it is often less impactful since it has the potential to minimize waste.

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The Future is Flexible

Waste reduction, resource efficiency, sustainability and convenience: all reasons behind the growth in flexible packaging. Flexible packaging has entered a new era, one where more resources are saved, and food waste is reduced. Less efficient materials are being replaced, for example, the transportation of beverages in glass bottles versus pouch style. This meant that 47% of beverage was being transported while 52% was packaging. While pouches the ratio was 93% beverage and 6% pouch. The product still performs, sometimes more efficiently, and has a lower environmental impact. FPE is looking to reinforce the message that there is a more environmental sustainable alternative, and it is looking to make the whole supply chain more sustainable.

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Simplifying the Confusion in Recycling

As consumers today, recycling seems to be on the forefront of what we purchase but the act of recycling can often be frustrating and a struggle. It can be a challenge to understand what can be thrown in what bin, little numbers in a hard to find triangles add to the problem. To help break down these barriers, Recycle Across America has distributed standardized recycling bin labels. These labels will clearly point to what bin what product is to go. TerraCycle has partnered with RAA for their RECYCLE RIGHT! campaign. The website has video clips, standardized labels and tips for home recycling. This is the first step to making recycling more accessible.

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