Who should be accountable for sustainable packaging?

EasyFairs surveyed 500 UK branding, packaging and marketing managers and found that 44% of participants felt retailers should be liable for packaging sustainability. The survey revealed only 19% of the participants felt manufacturers should be responsible and 10% considered packaging converters accountable. Budget controllers not understanding packaging’s effect on profitability and consumers and designers lacking knowledge of the importance of packaging were other issues brought to light by the survey.

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Packaging helps out recycling industry

Recycling is a growing industry that is largely supported by the packaging industry. In the era of sustainability, the packaging community recognizes that businesses will only flourish if both the packaging industry and recycling industry thrive. For the recycling industry to prosper supply and/or demand needs to increase and the packaging industry has the ability to influence both supply and demand.

The recycling industry encounters massive expense from their sorting and filtering operations. If the packaging industry can produce packaging that is easily sorted and free of contamination, then the recycler’s job is easier and their cost is lowered. Supply will also increase if consumers recycle more used packaging that is contaminate free.

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US pouch demand expected to reach $8.8 billion in 2016

Reportlinker is reporting the demand for pouches in the US is projected to reach $8.8 billion in 2016 based on stand up pouches sustainability, functionality and branding opportunities over other packaging. Consumer acceptance of pouches over rigid containers will buoy demand, as will such advantages as superior aesthetic appeal, portability, light weight, reduced material use and significantly lower shipping costs than rigid containers. Heightened use of reclosing and dispensing fitments will increase the competitiveness of pouches against rigid containers.

Processed foods applications will show growth in the pouch packaging market based on the popularity of baby food and fruit snacks in spouted pouches and conversions from rigid containers. Growth opportunity is also expected in the beverage market as spouted pouches further penetrate alcoholic beverages, premixed cocktails, sports drinks and energy drinks.

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