In 2011 the European flexible packaging industry grew 5.1%

According to PCI Films Consulting’s new report, Europe’s flexible packaging market grew 5.1% in 2011. The European flexible packaging market is currently valued at $15 billion. According to the report higher selling prices were the main factors in the growth.  The rising inks, adhesives and energy costs were passed onto to customers resulting in higher prices.  Eastern Europe has exhibited the most growth at twice the average for Europe as a whole; large growth also came from Western Europe (4-6%). The Spanish and Portuguese markets were static.

Industry consolidation was another important factor in the growth of flexible packaging in Europe.

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Flexible Packaging Options

The flexible packaging industry has recently encapsulated two of the largest concerns for consumers, to ensure the secure and safe environment and satisfying the need for a greener footprint. In the adhesive and sealant world, transporting product in drums and pail is a necessity although these containers carry many benefits, sustainability efforts remain on the forefront of consumers’ minds. Flexible packaging options add the sustainability wanted while maintaining the value needed in order to keep this high demand industry moving.

One of the challenges faced by adhesive and sealant manufacturers and transporters is the contamination issues that exist when using the steel drum and pail, such contamination makes it difficult to reuse, recondition, or even recycle. The flexible packaging option keeps the drums/pails clean, this eliminates cleaning and refurbishing costs as well as time constraints, the drum/pail is ready for immediate reuse. Flexible packaging option brings ensures product integrity, it preserves the product purity while presenting stronger sustainability advantages.

The flexible packaging materials weigh significantly less than other packaging formats, this reduces costs in resources for transportation, as well as warehouse space being maximized this formulates into less carbon dioxide emissions.

Flexible packaging offers great value and sustainability benefits to consumers, retailers, and manufacturers by reducing waste, energy used, and greenhouse gas emissions. It presents excellent sustainable choice that satisfies the adhesive and sealant industry while providing a greener footprint.

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