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CDF Corporation is a global company that specializes in the manufacture and sale of high quality pail, drum, intermediate bulk container and bag in box liners and flexible packaging.

Our unique products satisfy a variety of markets and applications including the chemical, food and beverage and cosmetic industries.


The responsible development, production and distribution of product from creation to disposal is a key issue in the chemical industry. The Responsible Care® program is a voluntary initiative of the global chemical industry to safely handle chemical products from inception in the research laboratory, through manufacture and distribution, to ultimate reuse, recycle and disposal. Ensuring the safety and renewability of the product is imperative. Flexible liners provide the quality and reliability demanded in the chemical industry, without the negative environmental side effects.

Quality of products and purity of the materials used in your packaging are our main concerns. CDF uses only the highest quality grade plastics and FDA-approved resins. In addition, we utilize static-control and finished product isolation techniques for particle free requirements to maintain high product quality throughout the manufacturing process. We comply with the international standards of good manufacturing practice, using SPC data collection. We are an ISO 9001:2008 registered company.

CDF maintains a rigorous testing protocol to insure 100% customer satisfaction with our products.



Food & Beverage PACKAGING
Ensuring product integrity, system efficiency and environmental responsibility are essential in the packaging, storing and shipping of food and beverage products. CDF’s more than 40 years of experience as a leader and innovator of new designs and custom packaging solutions allows us to meet the special needs of customers not met by traditional products, such as cans, bottles and jars. At CDF, we take pride in working closely with customers to develop packaging solutions that satisfy the most demanding and unique applications.

CDF is also a pioneer in sustainable packaging; we’ve been selling “green products” since 1971. Our products are manufactured with less plastic, providing a cost savings for customers and a greener footprint. Many of our products ship flat during transport, minimizing warehouse space, maximizing shipping efficiency and internal transportation energy.

CDF’s IBC liners are Food Grade, Interstate Milk Shippers and Kosher certified.


Flexible production and sustainability are two key issues facing the cosmetic industry. CDF’s goals are to be responsive to each market’s needs and have the flexibility to manufacture products for unique situations. Our engineering and sales teams work one on one with each customer to devise the best solution for each application. 99% of Drum & Pail products are shipped within 24 hours of receiving your order. Special or custom orders are manufactured to the best of our abilities to meet your schedule.

CDF continues to introduce original products that promote environmental awareness and reduce customer costs. Our film is pure; it has not been treated with any chemicals. CDF’s flexible packaging solutions minimize packaging requirements, while maximizing transportation and storage efficiencies.

All of our packaging innovations are developed with the customer in mind, resulting in reduced product costs and energy consumption, without sacrificing quality and reliability.



Pail & Drum Lids


Drum and pail exterior lids protect the outside of steel drum and pail covers from external contamination and moisture.


Interior lids protect the inside of steel drum lids from contact with lading in the drum.


Drum & Pail Information

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